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put them illustrators away!

This year a few creative heads spent a lot of time in an old … (L Read More)

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Illustrious illustrators in the making

The 6th edition of Illustrative Festival, to take place from August 31st until … (L Read More)

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About animated illustrations and illustrated movies

As every year, its time again for animators and animation lovers to flood the … (L Read More)

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political design competition


The poltical leftwing parties of Switzerland have launched an initiative called ‘1:12.’ It’s aim … (L Read More)

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just a little bit for ‘little something’

Illustration alumna Patricia Keller has been awarded the «Design & Kunst/Alumni Hochschule Luzern» promotion … (L Read More)

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sports illustrated


Football or soccer aren’t to everyones taste, but if you got the balls and … (L Read More)

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Aim your Projects!

INFORMATION about grants of the Canton Lucerne!
Illustration projects must be entered before July (L Read More)

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You must be cartooning! Pulitzer Prizes 2013.

The 2013 Pulitzer Prize Winners for
Editorial Cartooning

Awarded for a distinguished cartoon or (L Read More)

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BIB: 3 of 5 turn Bratislava into a Luzern party!

According to SIKJM is Switzerland at BIB (BIENNIAL OF ILLUSTRATIONS BRATISLAVA 2013) represented by (L Read More)

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Graphic tolerance

The new Comic/Graphic Novel Prize of the Lutheran Mediahouse in Bavaria (Evangelischer Presseverband für (L Read More)

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