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A biteful of touch

Touch My Crocodile

Alumni Alessia Conidi and Lona Klaus are participating in an exhibition (L Read More)

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I think, therefore I am

The Line Thinks
Shapes of Drawing

Former Illustration Fiction students Jonas Baumann and Samuli (L Read More)

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Wicked, Anja being presented at Ligatura!

Alumna Anja Wicki is going to be exhibited at LIGATURA 4TH INTERNATIONAL COMICS CULTURE (L Read More)

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Take a swim and dive into comics

Heading towards the start of the comic festival FUMETTO (16. of march), Ampel Magazine (L Read More)

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Cyclops moves comics

Television station ARTE has launched the online comic magazine Professor Cyclops. Besides the (L Read More)

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It just turned green: Ampel #10 Release!

Coming 21. of march the new and tenth  issue of Ampel magazine gets a (L Read More)

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BIB: 3 of 5 turn Bratislava into a Luzern party!

According to SIKJM is Switzerland at BIB (BIENNIAL OF ILLUSTRATIONS BRATISLAVA 2013) represented by (L Read More)

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Graphic tolerance

The new Comic/Graphic Novel Prize of the Lutheran Mediahouse in Bavaria (Evangelischer Presseverband für (L Read More)

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Artists in Collision


Long and intensively worked both Alumna Milva Stutz and (L Read More)
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Waiting for summer

Once again Rina Jost’ owned publisher Ginnungagap is having an opening for their latest (L Read More)

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