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Das Buch “Wer ist ehrlich zu dir?” ist nun erhältlich! Die Abschlussarbeit von Fruzsina … (L Read More)

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Vamos Illustratoren-Wettbewerb 2015

Über 100 Entwürfe so wie fertige Illustrationen wurden für den diesjährigen 4. Vamos Illustratorenwettbewerb … (L Read More)

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Meet the Illustrators 2015

Wir freuen uns, bekannt zu geben, dass wir auch dieses Jahr wieder 3 tolle … (L Read More)

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The Art has landed

‘Plueslers Land’ is a fictional and surreal world filled with questions about the past, … (L Read More)

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And the winner is….


…Anja Wicki!!

Alumna Anja Wicki won the ‘5 cities comic sponsorship (L Read More)

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A picture for your thought

Thinking in Pictures. An Experiment
on Our Perception of Images.
How do scientists read … (L Read More)

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peeping into the night

NZZ Campus published a small interview with Johanna Schaible and Dimitra Charamanda about their … (L Read More)

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To tease comic stripers

Dedicated to the promotion of new talent, the international Comix Festival in Lausanne (Switzerland), … (L Read More)

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Hurry up, dear God!


Between February and May 2012 alumna Isabel Peterhans published on her blog yallabyebye.wordpress.com her … (L Read More)

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To book a prize for Graphic Novels

Each year the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung in Stuttgart grants an award to an outstanding … (L Read More)

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