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BIB: 3 of 5 turn Bratislava into a Luzern party!

According to SIKJM is Switzerland at BIB (BIENNIAL OF ILLUSTRATIONS BRATISLAVA 2013) represented by (L Read More)

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Graphic tolerance

The new Comic/Graphic Novel Prize of the Lutheran Mediahouse in Bavaria (Evangelischer Presseverband für (L Read More)

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Artists in Collision


Long and intensively worked both Alumna Milva Stutz and
(L Read More)
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Waiting for summer

Once again Rina Jost’ owned publisher Ginnungagap is having an opening for their latest (L Read More)

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Fumetto Comic-Workshop with Olivier Schrauwen

Die Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst lädt Studierende ein sich zu bewerben.

Olivier (L Read More)

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Parlez vous BD?

Dessinateurs de demain (Tomorrow’s artists) is the comix competition of BD-FIL, the international (L Read More)

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Picture Book Collection …to be enjoyed.

Die Bilderbuchsammlung der PH Luzern
umfasst die Sammlung rund 6000 Titel und stellt einen … (L Read More)

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Illustration in an age of dying newspapers

Keith Negley for the first digital issue of Newsweek.

Source (L Read More)

Nabokov teaches Kafka at Cornell

Submitted by Pierre Thomé

Vladimir Nabokov (Channelled by Christopher Plummer) Teaches Kafka at Cornell (L Read More)

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Hirny is back: Feketefül presents the new adventures

Nicht nur ist Gabor Fekete Illustrator, Fotograf und Dozent an der HSLU D&K, sondern … (L Read More)

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