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Wanderausstellung Grassroot-Comics

Grassroot-Comics  Alumni zeigen Migrantinnen wie sie ihre Erlebnisse in eignen Bildern erzählen. Während
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Luzerns Export-Boom

Freudig lacht was Comics macht – und sich erfolgreich exponiert wie Ampel!
Nicht … (L Read More)

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Comic Slam

Die Alte Kaserne Winterthur und das Comicpanel laden wieder zum Comic Slam! Und zwar … (L Read More)

Résidence BD/Comic-Workshop

Ausschreibung zur Teilnahme am Comicworkshop des Comic-Festival Delémont’BD 2017

Der Comic-Workshop dauert von Montag … (L Read More)

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Normalerweise war’s das!

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The spring of new awards

In 2014 the five German-speaking cities of Berne, Zurich, Winterthur, St. Gallen and Lucerne (L Read More)

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watered down and washed ashore

Strapazin #111, release opening.

A wet celebration of the newest Strapazin issue is scheduled … (L Read More)

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Wicked, Anja being presented at Ligatura!

Alumna Anja Wicki is going to be exhibited at LIGATURA 4TH INTERNATIONAL COMICS CULTURE (L Read More)

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Take a swim and dive into comics

Heading towards the start of the comic festival FUMETTO (16. of march), Ampel Magazine (L Read More)

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Cyclops moves comics

Television station ARTE has launched the online comic magazine Professor Cyclops. Besides the (L Read More)

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