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Boom Boom, Breaking News

Wer dieses Jahr am Fumetto war und die Ausstellung gesehen hat, weiss, dass “Pas … (L Read More)

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peeping into the night

NZZ Campus published a small interview with Johanna Schaible and Dimitra Charamanda about their … (L Read More)

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Hurry up, dear God!


Between February and May 2012 alumna Isabel Peterhans published on her blog yallabyebye.wordpress.com her … (L Read More)

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Seeing double: Fumetto Comicworkshops times two!

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english version.pdf

For more, read the following (by clicking on the link).

 … (L Read More)

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The spring of new awards

In 2014 the five German-speaking cities of Berne, Zurich, Winterthur, St. Gallen and Lucerne (L Read More)

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Take a swim and dive into comics

Heading towards the start of the comic festival FUMETTO (16. of march), Ampel Magazine (L Read More)

Globus Satellit
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FUMETTO: Satellitenausstellungen Fumetto – Int. Comix-Festival Luzern / 6. März – 24. März 2013

Fumetto – Int. Comix-Festival Luzern gilt seit über 20 Jahren als das schönste Kunstfestival … (L Read More)
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